A unisex Apparel Designer from London, UK, based in Saitama, Japan, who creates custom-made apparel, accessories and soft inteior pieces by hand, tailored to my clients, while exploring natural materials and slow processes.

Each piece is designed, developed, plant-dyed and produced by hand in my home-based countryside studio, or in collaboration with local artisans.

DOZZELL is a unisex apparel and accessories brand I created that offers made-to-order, handmade pieces that explores natural materials and slow processes. With the environment in mind, our aim is to create sustainable, timeless pieces while celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Working on a seasonless basis, the collection is crafted from fabrics selected for their quality, character and designed for everyday wear, with supple silhouettes, irregular textures and neutral colour palettes from plants and vegetables that are locally sourced, foraged or waste from our vegetable farm. We choose to produce this way to avoid waste from overproduction of sizes and colours that don’t sell. This means the lead time for made-to-order garments is at least 2 weeks, while our accessories is at least 1 week. During that time we cut, sew, and finish each garment with a close eye for detail and quality.

The conchologist earrings.

Chalk shirt & Taiyou shirt, plant dyed.

20% of all proceeds from the DOZZELL collection are donated and split between the SEGO Initiative, which protects beaches in Kanagawa, Japan, and Action for Conservation, a UK based organisation whose ambition it is to empower young people to become the next generation of conservationists.

Chalk shirt & chalk pants in Japanese linen, naturally garment dyed using Myrobalan fruit seeds with an uneven and textured finish.

Tool wrap skirt in handwoven cotton from Yamanashi.

The conchologist earrings. Silver hoops with shell, sculpted from a shell I collected from a beach from one of Japan’s islands, Niijima. These earrings are made in collaboration with Tokyo based artist, Rotate, where a collaborative effort has been made through inventive approaches to age-old techniques. The earrings are sold as a pair and are made-to-order, the lead time for our silver jewellery is 2-4 weeks. Handmade in Japan.