A unisex Apparel Designer from London, UK, based in Saitama, Japan, who creates custom-made apparel, accessories and soft inteior pieces by hand, tailored to my clients, while exploring natural materials and slow processes.

Each piece is designed, developed, plant-dyed and produced by hand in my home-based countryside studio, or in collaboration with local artisans.

Every custom made garment or accessory is sent in a fabric pouch or bento bag and a cardboard box. Our packaging is made with recycled and recyclable materials only. Pouches and bento bags are made with our fabric scraps for you to re-use. Sustainability right to the end.

Plant dye suggestions in Japanese linen for a custom order. Naturally dyed items vary from batch to batch, pieces can have blooms and uneven tones. Read more on Garment Care.

Custom made Japanese linen shorts with pleats, undyed.